Fort Pedro Fireworks

Fireworks, Apparel

  • 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. - Seven Days
  • 1pm-5pm Christmas Day, 8am-11pm Dec 26-New Year's Eve
  • 3346 US-301, Hamer, SC 29547
  • (843) 774-2411

Fort Pedro Fireworks

Looking for something to "spark" your 4th of July or New Years Celebration? Fort Pedro has all of your fireworks needs. We have a large inventory of artillery shells, rockets, mortars, Roman candles, sparklers, firecrackers and other South of the Border fireworks off of I-95 in Dillon, SC. Pedro has it all from small novelty items to large assortment packs. Light up the night sky and impress your friends and family with your choice of nearly every type of firecracker you can imagine.

We sell fireworks from the following distributors…

  • TNT Fireworks
  • Jake’s Fireworks
  • Atomic Fireworks
  • Atlas Importers
  • And South Carolina Distributors (Herbie’s Fireworks)

We have video displays of some of our most popular fireworks playing on televisions throughout the store to help aid you in your shopping experience. If you’re looking for something in particular be sure to ask one of our friendly staff members as they’re always happy to help our customers. As always, we're offering the biggest selection and the best pricing on all of our discount fireworks in Dillon, SC. Stop in to get your fireworks today and celebrate with a BANG!

We have special hours of operation beginning June 3rd so don't miss your chance to get the biggest and best fireworks before they're gone. Stop in anytime 24 hours a day between June 21st and July 4th to get all of your fireworks supplies for your 4th of July celebration!!! Pedro has 6 checkout lanes for speedy checkout even during peak times and he has an ATM machine inside the store for your convenience.

Hours of Operation

24 hours a day ending July 4th at 11pm